Why The Lights?

The Lights is the pathway to an illumined future.
A symbol for artists to focus on, while finding their way through a dark, chaotic world.
A film director finds The Lights (the symbol) and leaves the audience with tears running down their faces. With hearts burst wide open. A gift of will to take on another day.
A young man, returning to center, opens up his heart for the first time since childhood. Realizes he must take good care of himself in order to keep this heart open. Finds The Lights (the symbol, the will, the courage). But finds himself in a world feeding him purely chaos.
When darkness is all we can see, we must be The Lights, simply to prove that The Lights can exist. 

Now, we shift our perspective to food and we find The Lights is that same guiding spirit that shares with us its will to survive and its hope for the future. 
From the great diversity of our ingredients to the vibrance of our delivery, The Lights, has prepared itself to bring life back to the micro biomes of the people in our community. A pantry of such densely nutritious food so rare, that The Lights is a restaurant and a symbol. 

We step away, and The Lights can be found in the nights sky staring back at you.  Or at dusk as you sit still, and fireflies begin glowing about you.

These are The Lights. 

Those random illuminated particles are “just stars” or “just fireflies” in as much as The Lights is “just a restaurant”.  For us, it’s very important that we look more deeply into ourselves and realize that if we were “just a restaurant” there’s really no reason for us to exist.  

How can we be more that that? 
How can The Lights become an ode to spirit, to will, to hopefulness? This is a question we will continue to ask ourselves. It is our great project to figure this out. A constant discovery of self.

The Lights