Wednesday - Sunday
8:30am - 3:00pm
Monday & Tuesday

The Lights may very well be the healthiest café on planet earth, for breakfast & lunch.

We are a charlotte restaurant serving simple, organic, locally grown food by the most amazing people.

Currently offering a diverse menu of what we believe are the best foods for your everyday breakfast & lunch.


Breakfast & Lunch
Served all day
gf. - gluten free
v.   - vegetarian
vv. - vegan
vo. - vegan option


moonrise kingdom 14wild quinoa, black beans, avocado, pico, kale, pumpkin seeds, tomatillo verde (gf.) (vv.)

simple greens pesto rice* 14jade rice, pesto, poached egg, kale, radish, chevre, hot sauce (gf.) (v.)
lord of the fireflies 16 jade rice, lentils, avocado, broccolini, kale, pico, brazil nut “parm”, red bell pepper rojo (gf.) (vv.)

eternal sunshine 14 wild quinoa, sweet potato, hummus, market greens, pico, sunflower seeds, cashew curry (gf.) (v.)

Bowls  (vv.)

the lights acai 10
acai, banana, brazil nut, honey
topping: seasonal fruit, hemp granola, coconut, cacao nib

the stars acai 11.5
pure acai, banana, strawberry, blueberry, date (gf.)
topping: seasonal fruit, g.f. granola, coconut,
cacao nib, flax seed

pinky promise 10
dragonfruit, banana, strawberry, honey
topping: seasonal fruit, hemp granola, coconut, hemp seed, bee pollen

sister steph 11 banana, pineapple, house almond butter, spirulina, chlorella, honey, house almond milk (gf.)
topping: seasonal fruit, coconut, cashew, chia seed, bee pollen


avocado toast   9.5 (v.v)
w/ farm egg *   2.5
w/ bacon    4
w/ market greens & tomato    3

breakfast sandwich* 13 brioche bun, egg, bacon, avocado, u.g.f. mushrooms, greens, onion, spicy mayo * (v.)

two, two & two* 10.5
two eggs, bacon, toast *

potato hash* 13
market potato, carrot, fried egg, house hot sauce * (gf.) (v.) 
w/ bacon    4
w/ avocado    3


vegetable frittata* 13
three egg omelette, seasonal veg. * (gf.) (v.)


buckwheat pancake 12
whipped cream, fresh fruit (gf.) (v.) 

almond butter toast 8
w/ house jam 1.5 (v)
on sourdough (vo.)

oat porridge 8
house almond milk, almond butter, jam (gf.) (vv.)
w/ fresh fruit  3
w/ granola  3

Salads & Soup

kale caesar 11.5
cashew caesar dressing, pumpkin seeds, brazil nut “parm”, croutons (vv.)  

soup du jour cup 4.5  |  bowl 8
rotational, local-veg soup. (gf.) (vv.)


pastrami tofu 14
tofu pastrami, house pickles, mustard, market greens, spicy mayo (v.)
(sourdough baguette)

hummingbird 13
house hummus, avocado, tomato, cucumber, spinach, pesto, basil (vv.)
(whole grain pullman)

prosciutto di parma 12
focaccia, prosciutto, butter (v.)


slice of cake  7 ( rotational ) (v.)
orange zest & currant scone  4 (v.)
chocolate chip cookie  3.5 (v.)
banana chocolate muffin  4 (gf.)(vv.)
salted caramel brownie 8 (gf.)(vv.)
oatmeal lace cookie  3.5 (v.)
house jam oat bar  5 (v.)

& Add-ons

bacon  4
plain toast  2.5
farm egg (8 minute or fried)*  2.5
avocado  3
hodo pastrami tofu  4
roasted potato  7
roasted broccolini 7
kale or market greens  3
side fruit plate  6
house hot sauce  1
house tomatillo verde  1
house red bell pepper rojo  1
house creamy cashew curry  1
house cashew caesar dressing  1
house nut butter  3
side jam  2

Cold-pressed juices

9 USD + 1.5 glass deposit
alkalinity to infinity
cucumber, spinach, kale, celery, lemon, ginger

chia mia
pineapple, orange, strawberry, ginger, chia

himalayan monk
pear, orange, spinach, kale, lemon, ginger

red ranger
beet, apple, orange, lemon, ginger

the greatness
carrot, orange, pineapple, lemon, turmeric



16 oz |  24 oz  (vv.)
jax izzo 7.5 | 9.5
banana, strawberry, apple juice

thank you berry much9.5 | 12.5 banana, strawberry, blueberry, acai, house almond milk

dr. bruce banner 9 | 12
spinach, kale, banana, pineapple, spirulina, moringa, apple juice

the islander 8.5 | 11
banana, pineapple, mango, apple juice, coconut water
raw power 9.5 | 12.5
banana, brazil nut, date, maca, cacao, house almond milk 
(stay woke by adding cold brew)

immune in tune 9.5 | 12.5 banana, strawberry, blueberry, date, brazil nut, Sun Potion Anandamide, house almond milk
chocolate falls 9.5 | 12.5 banana, date, house almond butter, cacao, hemp protein, house almond milk

fresh spinach or kale 1.5
fresh ginger root 1
fresh turmeric root 2
house almond butter 1.5
hemp granola 2.5
gf. granola 3
cacao .75
maca .5
chia .5
cinnamon .5
ground flax .5
terra’s whey protein 1
nutivo hemp protein 1
sun potion ashwaganda 1
sun potion anandamide 1


hex coffee roasters 
charlotte, nc

espresso 3.50
double shot of espresso

macchiato 4
cortado 4
cappuccino 4.5
-  12oz  - 
latte 5
raw cacao mocha 5.5
vanilla bean latte 5.5
house caramel latte 5.5
Chitta Latte 7.5
-  filter  -
pour over brewed to order 4.5
cold brew  4.5

-  full immersion -
french press 4 | 5.5 | 7.5
( 12oz | 18oz | 34oz )

-  milk options  -
house almond & date +1 
minor figures oat +1
homeland creamery whole

Not Coffee

chai latte 5.5

uji matcha latte 5.5
high grade matcha w/ steamed milk

hot chocolate 5
raw cacao w/ steamed milk 


ginger, lemon & honey 4

iced uji matcha 5
high grade matcha shaken w/ honey

rishi looseleaf 3.5 | 5 | 7.5
12oz | 18oz | 34oz
chamomile, hibiscus rooibos, mint, orange blossom , earl grey, english breakfast

& H20

ginger spritz 5.5
ginger, lemon & soda

mountain valley water 3.5
still or sparkling 

Many items contain ingredients that are not listed; please inform your server of any food allergies or dietary restrictions before you place your order.

*  Consumption of raw or undercooked seafood, poultry, meat or eggs may increase your risk of contracting a foodborne illness.

* These items contain raw or undercooked seafood, poultry, meat or eggs.

The Lights Juice


$45 USD

The Lights Detox - an easy, delicious approach to reseting your gut and reducing inflamation.
all of our cold-pressed juices are made in house with organic ingredients.
Each detox consists of five 16 oz juices. 

The Light Detox
a sweet approach to the detox

Alkalinity to Infinity
Chia Mia
Himalayan Monk
Red Ranger
The Greatness
The Deep Detox 
a heavily green detox, low in sugar

Alkalinity to Infinity
Himalayan Monk
Alkalinity to Infinity  
The Greatness
Alkalinity to Infinity


if you are passionate about food, flexible, empathetic and a lover. we’d love to have you join our team.

please send in your resume to: